Employee Transportation Services in India: Needs

According to a survey, India is the second-biggest nation to confront worker burnouts with 29%? And only 22% of employees in India feel engaged at their workplace?

Many organizations have already started investing in perks such as gym membership, private clinics, child care, and financial help for the education of children, sports facilities, and others. But one aspect that’s still been left untouched is giving employees transportation services and facilities. Many people in India take up public transportations which have long routes for traveling which takes up to 1 hour to reach their workplace and another hour to reach their home. And this becomes a part of a very exhausting daily travel routine to take up public transportation every single day to go to work and come back home.

Transport problems faced by employees every day:

  • 1. Parking is a struggle with parking problems like space shortage, parking tickets, cost of buying those tickets.
  • 2. Long traveling time as it takes a toll on the employees
  • 3. Work pressure
  • 4. Lack of bike lane infrastructure
  • 5. Public transport can be unreliable
  • 6. They lose patience, money, and time
  • 7. They have to spend more money
  • 8. It reduces the employee’s productivity
  • 9. Poor quality of travel makes the day bad
  • 10. The atmosphere at workhouse does not support positive thoughts
  • 11. Lack of Accommodation about traveling time makes happy employees complain about it to their bosses
  • 12. Traffic Jams

Not only this, when we talk about the female employees working in workplaces or organizations, they also face a lot of traveling problems. Here are some of the problems faced by them.

  • • Not comfortable to share with male colleagues
  • • No parking area
  • • Partners and family members object
  • • Change in timings
  • • Dress code
  • • Overcrowding of buses and trains
  • • Unavailability of bus stops and stations near working places
  • • Maneuvering over short distances alone in the evening time
  • • Loved ones always worried about safety issues
  • • Unsafe driving from male drivers in the night times

Why provide Employee Transport Services?

As in recent times, the cost of transportation has become an essential expense for employers. A quick look at the transportation expenses of employees reveals that the cost has been steadily increasing over the years. There are some companies that offer employees transportation service at affordable rates, while there are others that charge exorbitant amounts. Here are some the reasons why you should start providing transportation facilities to your employees:

  • 1. Employees are more productive
  • 2. Employee attrition rate is lower
  • 3. Employees are happier
  • 4. You attract better employees
  • 5. It saves money
  • 6. Provides better work-life balance
  • 7. Reduce traffic congestion and eliminate parking issues in your office
  • 8. Less equipment and car parts depreciate faster. People are less likely to park and break into other cars than they will their own vehicles
  • 9. Employees have longer lives with you than without Employee Transport Services.
  • 10. Safety and security of female employees is assured.

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